The SPz-2 Luchs is a German 8x8 amphibious reconnaissance armoured fighting vehicle (Spähpanzer) in service since 1975 by the West German and German armies, who used a total of 408 in their armoured reconnaissance battalions.

The Luchs is a German 8x8 amphibious reconnaissance armoured fighting vehicle (Spähpanzer) in service with the German Army since 1975.



It was developed by Daimler-Benz between 1968 and 1975. The all-wheel drive Luchs made by Thyssen-Henschel (now Rheinmetall) is armoured, has an NBC protection system and is characterised by its low-noise running.



The eight large low-pressure tyres have run-flat properties. As a special feature the vehicle is equipped with a special rear-facing driving position. The two man power operated turret is armed with the same 20mm Rheinmetall cannon as is fitted to the Marder 1 infantry combat vehicle used by the German army, with a 7.62mm machine gun mounted on the roof. The upgrade to the Luchs A1 starting in 1986 and included the incorporation of a thermal observation and gunnery system, which replaced the original infrared/white light night vision system mounted to the left of the turret.


The incorporation of the new SEM 80/90 radio system gave it the designation SpPz 2 Luchs A2. The Luchs was replaced by the Fennek by the German Army.


SPz-2 LUCHS Specifications
Type Eight wheeled Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
Manufacturer Daimler Benz
Crew 4
Armament 20mm automatic cannon, two 7.62mm machine guns and two quadruple smoke dispensers
Length 7.3m
Height 2.9m
Width 2.9m
Weight 19.5 tonnes
Powerplant Daimler Benz ten-cylinder diesel engine producing 390hp
Performance Road speed 90km/h, range 730km
Variants Reconnaissance, medium range anti-tank, general purpose, combat engineer and artillery observers