The ERC 90 is a light armoured vehicle with 6 wheels, armed with a 90-mm gun

The ERC 90 is a light armoured vehicle with 6 wheels, armed with a 90-mm gun. It is equipped to carry out anti-tank missions.


The case and turret consist of tack welded steel plates: field of fire in direction: 360 field of fire in height: -8 with +15 pointing in site and layer ensured by electric drives.


Direction is provided by observation glasses and firing direction by a laser system of telemetry

With good mobility over ground and water it can fight in contaminated atmosphere and is transportable by air. It is intended for safe reconnaissance missions in traditional or nuclear environments.



The ERC 90 NG is essentially the upgraded model ordered by the French army, with a new powertrain comprising a more powerful MTU 170 hp engine and six-speed Renk automatic gearbox. The increased power allows a modernised electrical turret drive and eases workload for the crew in combat conditions.

Armour protection has been upgraded to NATO STANAG level 3 in the front and level 2 for the rest of the vehicle. A number of turrets can be fitted to the vehicle, including the 90mm gun or the 40mm.


ERC-90 Specifications
Type Six wheeled light armoured reconnaissance vehicle
Manufacturer Panhard
Crew 3
Armament Main gun 90mm cannon, two 7.62mm machine guns
Length 7.8m
Height 2.2m
Width 2.5m
Weight 8 tonnes
Powerplant Peugeot V-6 petrol engine producing 155hp at 5,250rpm
Performance Road speed 90km/h, range 730km
Variants EMC 91 Fire support version armed with 81mm mortar, ERC 20 Anti-aircraft version with 2 x 20mm cannons, ERC 60-20 Fitted with a 60mm mortar and a 20mm cannon, ERC 90 F1 Fitted with the Hispano-Suiza Lynx 90 turret, ERC 90 Sagaie Fitted with GIAT TS 90 turret, ERC 90 Sagaie 2 Slightly larger version fitted with twin engines and improved turret