NH 90


NH 90 Medium Lift Helicopter

The NH90 helicopter is a twin-engine, medium-weight helicopter designed to perform tactical transport and naval operations. The NH90 helicopter meets the joint requirements of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal.

 It will replace current UH-1, Puma/Cougar, Lynx, and Sea King helicopters. The NH90 program is managed by the NH Industries consortium comprising Eurocopter (62.5%), Agusta (32%) and Stork Fokker (5.5%).

The NH90 helicopter airframe is made extensively with composite materials and the helicopter design features modularity and sub-systems integration. The whole aircraft meets high reliability, ease of maintenance, and low ownership costs criteria. Thanks to its advanced characteristics the NH90 will be able to operate day/night, in all-weather conditions, and heavy countermeasures environments. The NH90 design has been optimised for operation well into the 21st century providing growth to accommodate future sub-systems, equipment and improvements.

The NH90 helicopter design also includes low radar signature for better and a crash-resistant fuselage to provide a better survivability on the battlefield. This helicopter can also be powered by two different powerplants the RTM322 or the T700-T6E engines.

To date, the NH90 helicopter has been ordered by France (27), Germany (80+54), Italy (136+1), the Netherlands (20), Finland (20), Sweden (18+7), Norway (14+10), Portugal (10), and Greece (20+14). The total number of helicopters ordered to date, options included, is 411. The helicopters ordered by Finland will be assembled locally by Patria. All in, up to 50 NH90 helicopters will be assembled by Patria through 2011 in accordance with an agreement signed between NH Industries and Patria in 2001.

NH 90 Specifications
Type Medium Lift Helicopter
Manufacturer NH Industries Consortium
Accommodation Crew of two and up to 20 passengers. Naval version two pilots and two systems operators
Armament Anti-submarine torpedoes, air-to-surface missiles and air-to-air missiles

Max speed 298km/h (160kts)

Main Rotor Diameter 54ft (16.4m)
Length 64ft (19.6m)
Height 18ft (5.4m)
Weight max take off weight 19,180lb (8,700kg)
Powerplant 2 Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322-01/9 turboshafts, 1,662kW (2,230shp) each or 2 General Electric T700-T6E turboshafts, 1,577kW (2,115shp) each
Variants NH 90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter), NH 90 NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter) Naval version