Polish Mi-8S

The Mil Mi-8 (NATO reporting name "Hip") is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship. The first single-engine (AI-24W) prototype, W-8, flew in 9 July 1961.


A second one with two AI-24W engines made its first flight on 17 September 1962. After few changes it was introduced into the Soviet Air Force by 1967 as Mi-8.



There are numerous variants, including the Mi-8T which in addition to carrying 24 soldiers is also armed with rockets and anti-tank guided missiles. The naval Mil Mi-14, and attack Mi-24 are derived from the Mi-8.

The Mi-8 is used by over 50 countries, including India, China and Iran; the latest variant, known as the Mi-8MT is more heavily armed and was introduced in 1981. The export version of this aircraft Mil Mi-17 , employed by around 20 countries.

The Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard have been using Mi-8s since the 1970s. Four Mi-8s are still in service, since deliveries of NH90 helicopters have been delayed for more than 3 years due to delays in the type approval certificate.

MI-8 HIP Specifications
Type Multi-role transport helicopter gunship
Manufacturer Mil
Accommodation Two pilots and one flight engineer and up to 24 troops
Armament HIP E mounts a flexible 12.7mm machinegun in the nose, two 7.62mm or one 12.7mm MG, AT-2C Swatter or AT-3 Sagger ATGMs, 57mm rocket pods (16 each), 80mm rocket pods (20 each), 250kg bombs, 500kg bombs

Max speed 240kmh

Main Rotor Diameter 70ft (21.3m)
Length 61ft (18m)
Height 18ft 6in (5.6m)
Weight max take off weight 12,000kg
Powerplant Two TV2-117 producing 1482shp each
Variants Mi-8C 24 troops or 3,000kg load on for hard points, Mi-8E 24 troops or 4,000kg on six hard points, Mi-8 J/K