The AS 350 Écureuil ("Squirrel") and AS 355 Écureuil 2 are a family of light helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter Group.

The AS 350  is the single-engined version, while the AS 355 (Twin Squirrel) uses two engines.

Development began in the early 1970s to replace the Alouette II, and the first flight took place on 27 June 1974. A twin-engined version, known as the Écureuil 2, Twin Squirrel, first flew on 3 October 1979. 

The Eurocopter AS-350 is produced is a large number of variations and is in use by many Civil, Police and Military operators worldwide. Some of the versions include the AS 350 and AS 355, and the AS 550 and AS 555 Fennec military versions and the latest version the EC 130.

AS-350B ECUREUIL (SQUIRREL) Specifications
Type Light Utility Helicopter
Manufacturer Eurocopter
Accommodation Two pilots and three or four seats in the cabin
Armament None

Max speed 178 mph (287 km/h)

Main Rotor Diameter 35ft (10.6m)
Length 42ft 5in (12.9m)
Height 3.14m (10.96ft)
Weight weight empty 1.200kg, max take off weight 2,250kg
Powerplant B2 one Arriel 1D1 turboshaft producing max 732shp (546 kw), B3 one Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 turboshaft producing max 848shp (632kw)
Variants AS-350B2, AS-350B3 with uprated engine, Squirrel HT1, Twin Squirrel HCC1, powered by Two Allison 250-C20R turboshafts, AS-555 Fennec military versions