Italian Navy AB-212ASW Anti-submarine/anti-shipping version

The AB-212 is a light utility helicopter version of the Bell UH-1N Twin Huey built under licence by Augusta. The AB-212 has a fifteen seat configuration, with one pilot and fourteen passengers.

In cargo configuration the AB-212 has an internal capacity of 220ft (6.23m). An external load of 5,000lb (2,268kg) can be carried by the AB-212.

Based on the stretched fuselage Bell 205, the Bell 212 was originally developed for the Canadian Forces (CF) under the designation CUH-1N Twin Huey.


Later the CF adopted a new designation system and the aircraft was re-designated as the CH-135 Twin Huey. The CF approved the development of the aircraft on May 1, 1968 and purchased 50 aircraft, with deliveries commencing in May 1971.

The Agusta-Bell AB 212 military utility transport version and is built under license in Italy by Agusta. The Agusta-Bell AB 212ASW is Anti-submarine warfare, anti-shipping version.

AB-212 Specifications
Type Light Utility Helicopter
Manufacturer Augusta-Bell
Accommodation Crew of one to four and up to 14 passengers
Armament One 7.62 mm GAU-17 machine gun

Max speed 135mph (220km/h)

Main Rotor Diameter 48ft (14.6m)
Length 57ft (17.4m)
Height 14ft 5in (4.4m)
Weight max take off weight 9,500lb (4,300kg)
Powerplant One Lycoming T53-L-13B turboshaft producing 1,400shp (1,045kW)
Variants AB-212 utility transport, AB-212ASW anti-submarine/anti-shipping version