Spanish Air Force CASA 212 Aviocar


The CASA C-212 AVIOCAR 100 is a two turbo propeller engine aircraft, for light transportation, with a metal structure, high wing, with a fixed tricycle landing gear and propellers with a variable and reversible pitch.

The AVIOCAR may use short runways, at both take off and landing: Short Take-off and Landing (STOL).

The C-212 is CASA's answer to the needs of different Air Forces in the field of light military transport and can operate in areas lacking in infrastructure and on unpaved runways.

The C-212 was designed with high-wing configuration and fixed landing gear, and is fitted with turbo-prop engines, STOL characteristics and incorporates simple and reliable systems.

The wings are high-mounted and unequally tapered from midwing to the square tips. Two turboprop engines are mounted in pods under the wingsí leading edges. The thick, cigar-shaped fuselage has a flat bottom and upswept rear section, with a stepped cockpit. The fuselage comprises two areas: the cockpit and the cargo compartment. The cargo compartment can carry 18 passengers and their luggage, or 16 parachutists fully equipped, or 2.000 Kg of diversified cargo, including road vehicles.

For medical evacuations, 12 stretches and two seats can be mounted. The tail fin is equally tapered with a square tip and straight fairing in the leading edge. The flats are mid-mounted on the body and tapered with square tips. Its cabin, open along the whole of the length of the plane, is complemented by the rear ramp which enables different logistic transport tasks to be carried out. The rear ramp can be opened, while on the ground, to load and unload, or in flight, for the launching of cargo, survival equipment or parachutists.

CASA 212 AVIOCAR Specifications
Type Light transport
Manufacturer Construcciones AeronŠuticas SA (CASA)
Accommodation Two pilots
Armament Up to 500 kg (1,100 lb) of weapons on two hard points. Either machine gun pods or rocket launchers
Performance Max speed 225mph (360km/h)
Wing Span 66ft 7in (20.3m)
Length 53ft (16.15m)
Height 21ft 8in (6.60m)
Weight Empty weight 4,400kg (9,680lb), Max takeoff weight 8,000kg (17,600lb)
Powerplant Two Garrett AiResearch TPE-331-10R-513C, 925shp (690kW) each
Variants Series 100, Series 200 (Stretched variant), Series 300, Series 400