Romanian Air Force AN-24

The Antonov An-24 is a 44-seat twin turboprop transport manufactured by the Antonov Design Bureau.


It was first flown in 1960. Over 1,000 examples were built and 880 are still in service worldwide, mostly in the CIS and Africa.


By August 2006 a total of 448 Antonov An-24 aircraft were in airline service.

It was designed to replace veteran piston Il-14 transport on short to medium haul trips. The design of the aircraft was optimised for operating from rough strips and unprepared airports in remote locations. The high-wing layout protects engines and blades from debris, and the power-to-weight ratio is higher than that of many comparable aircraft. The machine is rugged and does not require sophisticated ground equipment for maintenance.

China's Xian Aircraft Manufacturing Company makes copies of the An-24 as the Yunshuji Y-7. Production continues in China, though production in Ukraine was shut down in 1978.

AN-24 Specifications
Type Transporter
Manufacturer Antonov
Accommodation Three or four flight crew (Two pilots, optional flight engineer and radio operator)
Armament None
Performance Max speed 310mph (500km/h)
Wing Span 95ft 10in (29.20m)
Length 77ft 3in (23.53m)
Height 27ft 4in (8.32m)
Weight weight empty 29,300lb (13,300kg), max take off weight 46,000lb (21,000kg)
Powerplant Two Ivchenko AI-24A turboprops, 2,820shp (2,100kW) each
Variants AN-24B/T Transport, AN-24P Firebomber