Defence budget 2010
GDP 2009
Land area
Life expectancy
Population growth rate
9.2 million
Euros 4.1 billion (US$5 billion)
Euros 314 billion (US$383 billion)
449,964 sq kms (173,732 sq miles)
Stockholm (Population 1.9 million)
80 years
0.3 per cent
Total Armed Forces  

Air Force
Home Guard

Approximately 6,000 available
Approximately 2,500 available including about 500 coastal defence personnel
Approximately 2,750 available
Reducing to 22,000

In July 2010 the Swedish Armed Forces finally abolished the system of conscription that had been in place for many years. Units of all three armed services are reinforced by Home Guard volunteers should the requirement arise.




Contact Details



Ministry of Defence
Regeringsgatan 1-3
S-01333 Stockholm

Tel: +46 8 763 10 00




Army Strength: Approximately 6,000 available.

Following the abolition of conscription, the current aim is to have an army that can provide 8 x Mechanised Battalions with support from another 19 x Battalions composed of engineers, artillery, communications, logistics, maintenance and so on.

Outline Army Structure:

The Swedish Army currently operates with the following formations/units:


1 x Divisional Headquarters (activated only on mobilisation)
2 x Brigade Headquarters

Units Available:

1 x Infantry Battalion (Life Guards Ceremonial & training - Stockholm)
1 x Cavalry Battalion (Ceremonial & training - Stockholm)
6 x Armoured/Mechanised Battalions (Boden/Revingehed/Skovde)
1 x Air Assault Battalion (Karlsborg)
1 x ISTAR Battalion (Karlsborg)
1 x Communications Battalion (Enkoping)
1 x Artillery Regiment (Boden)
1 x Air Defence Regiment (Halmstad)
2 x Engineer Battalions (Eksjo)
1 x Arctic Engineer Company (Boden)
1 x CBRN Defence Company (Umea)
4 x Logistic Battalions (Skovde)

Nordic Battlegroup

Sweden is the host country for the Nordic Battlegroup which consists of around 2,800 soldiers and officers, with manpower/unit contributions from the following five countries:

Sweden   2,300
Finland      200
Norway      150
Ireland        100
Estonia        50 (approx)

The Nordic Battlegroup was designated as on operational standby between January 2008 and June 2008.

The Home Guard

The Home Guard (Hemvarnet) currently consists of 60 battalions with a total of about 42,000 personnel. By 2014 the Home Guard will be better organised and better trained and consist of approximately 22,000 personnel.

All Home Guards are former active soldiers who volunteered for Home Guard service and many have served abroad in the various missions of the regular armed forces.

About 22 Training Detachments support both the Regular Army and the Home Guard.




Main Battle Tanks (MBT)

160 x Leopard 2A4 (Striv-121)

  120 x Leopard 2 (Striv-122)
Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) 360 x CV 9040 (Tracked)

Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

200 x Pbv-401 (Tracked)

  300 x Pbv-302 (Tracked)
  50 x Viking (Tracked)
  160 x Sisu (Wheeled)
  60 x RG32M (wheeled - mine resistant)
Towed Artillery 50 x 155 mm FH-70 (Towed)
Self Propelled Artillery (SP) 24 x 155 mm Archer (SP-Wheeled)
Mortars (Mor) 180 x 120 mm M/41-D
  100 x 81 mm (Estimate)
Anti-Tank (Atk) 50 x RB-55 (TOW BGM-71) ATGW
  RB-56 Bill ATGW ATGW (on tracked vehicles)
  500 x 84 mm Garl Gustav (Estimate)
  500 x 84 mm M/86 (AT-4) (Estimate)
Low Level Air Defence (AD) 16 x RBS-70 SAM (SP)
  100 x RBS-90 SAM (Towed and MANPAD) (Estimate)
  30 x 40 mm Strv 90L
Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) Sperwer





Navy Strength: approximately 2,500 available including about 500 coastal defence personnel.

Principal Units:

4 x Submarines

   5 x Corvettes

  14 x Patrol Vessels




Swedish Navy Outline Structure

There are other port/base detachments at Musko, Berga, Goteborg, Visby, Malmo and Harnosand.

The Surface Warfare Flotillas are structured for sea space monitoring and for the engagement of surface and underwater targets both in coastal areas and on the open sea. A mine clearance capability is preserved to ensure the security of ports and approaches.

The 1st Marine Regiment is capable monitoring inshore and coastal areas and can engage both surface and underwater targets.




Submarines Tactical (SSK) 2 x Gotland
  2 x Sodermanland
Corvettes (FS) 5 x Visby (first vessels entered service in 2009)
Mine Countermeasures (MCM) 2 x Landsort
  5 x Koster
  3 x Styrso
  4 x Minelayers
Patrol and Coastal Combatants (PCC) 2 x Stockholm
  12 x Tapper
Miscellaneous 40 x Landing Craft (LCM/LCU)
  130 x Light Combat Boats/Landing Craft
  28 x Support vessels (estimate)
Coastal Defence 90 x RBS-17 (Hellfire) SSM
  50 x RBS-70 SAM
  55 x 120 mm Mortars
  Some Piranha APC (Wheeled) reported




Air Force Strength: Approximately 3,500 (2,500 regulars and 1000 conscripts)

Future plans

During the past decade the Swedish Defence Budget has been under extreme pressure and with a JAS-39 Grippen costing around Euros 56 million (US$75 million) many observers find it difficult to see how a force of around 100 x JAS-39 can be adequately supported.

However in late 2008 the Swedish MoD announced that no further reductions in the Swedish Armed Forces would be made in the immediate future. If so it is likely that the Air Force will continue to keep around 100 x JAS-39 active (75 x JAS-39C and 25 x JAS-39D).


Swedish Air Force Outline Structure

The Blekinge Wing (F-17) are mainly interceptors on constant standby: The Norbotten Wing (F21) is configured for international operations and includes a Base Battalion: The Helicopter Wing has detachments at Boden (1 Sqn); Bergen (2 Sqn); Ronneby (3 Sqn); Gotenburg City Airport (5 Sqn) and a detachment at Malmen.




Fighters (Ftr) 98 x JAS-39A Multirole Fighter
  15 x JAS-39B Multirole Fighter/Trainer
  40 x JAS-39A Multirole Fighter/Trainer
  12 x JAS-39D Multirole Fighter/Trainer
Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) 2 x S-102B (Gulfstream IV)
Airborne Early Warning (AEW) 4 x S-100B Argus
Transport (Tpt) 8 x Tp-84 (Hercules C-130E)
  3 x Tp-100 (Saab 340)
  1 x Tp-100 VIP (Saab 340)
Training (Trg) 42 x SK60 (Saab 105)
Helicopters (Hel) 14 x CH-46 Sea Knight (Hkp-4) Transport being retired
  16 x Bo 105 (Hkp-9) Utility
  9 x AS 332 Super Puma (Hkp-10) Support
  20 x A 109 (Hkp-15) 8 x ship and 12 x land versions being delivered
  18 x NH 90 (Hkp-14) on order possibly 6 delivered by mid 2010 (13 x transport and 5 x ASW)
Air Launched Missiles (ALM) AIM-120B (RB-99) AAM
  AIM-9L (RB-74) Sidewinder AAM
  Sky Flash (RB-71) AAM
  AGM-65 Maverick (RB-75) ASM
  RB-15F ASM


(over platoon strength 30 personnel. These are approximate figures)

NATO (ISAF) Afghanistan   290
NATO (KFOR) Kosovo   253
Chad/Central African Republic       85