Defence budget 2010
GDP 2009
Land area
Life expectancy
Population growth rate

11 million
Euros 6.7 billion (US$8.1 billion)
Euros 261 billion (US$ 318 billion)
131,900 sq kms (49,577 sq miles)
Athens (Population 3 million)
78 years
0.4 per cent

Total Armed Forces  


Air Force

National Guard

90,000 including about 30,000 conscripts (plus about 150,000 ready reserves)
16,000 including about 3,000 conscripts (plus about 6,000 reserves)
30,000 including about 10,000 conscripts (plus about 20,000 reserves)
About 30,000 reserve personnel mainly organised for rear area security tasks

Due to the difficult Greek financial situation, during early 2010 the Greek MoD announced a reduction in the length of conscripts service from 12 to nine months.



Contact Details



Ministry of Defence
Mesogeion 227-231

Tel.: +30 210 6598607
Fax: +30 210 6443832




Army Strength: approximately 90,000 including about 30,000 conscripts (plus about 150,000 ready reserves)




Outline Hellenic Army Structure

(1) Greece has joined the European Union Battlegroup structure and the Greek Army takes part with the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish armed forces in an amphibious role, by contributing a reinforced company of marines and a landing ship tank (LST).
(2) There is a Greek Mechanised Group (ELDYK) stationed in Cyprus and over 1,000 Greek officers and soldiers are serving on secondment with the Greek Cypriot National Guard.
(3) In the event of Army Corps C (NATO Deployable Corps (NDC)) being deployed in a NATO mission, the Corps would operate as a multi-national force with contingents from a variety of NATO nations.



Army Corps A

8 Infantry Division (Florian)
3 x Infantry Brigades
1 x Armoured Brigade

Army Corps B

1 Army Division (Veroia)
1 x Airmobile Brigade
1 x Marine Brigade
1 x Airborne Brigade

2 Mechanised Division (Edessa)
2 x Mechanised Brigades
1 x Army Aviation Brigade

Army Corps C/NDC - GR HQ

12 Mechanised Division (Alexandroupoli)
2 x Mechanised Brigades

26 Mechanised Division (Didimoteiho)
2 x Mechanised Brigades

20 Armoured Division (Kavala)
3 x Armoured Brigades
1 x Mechanised Brigade

NATO Deployable Corps (NDC) - GR HQ

Following the NATO Military Committee (MC) and the Nice EU Summit decisions in December 2000, the Hellenic Army General Staff decided to offer the C' Corps HQ as a candidate HQ to both the European Union and NATO:

a. To the European Union as Operational HQ for planning and directing autonomous, joint and combined EU-led operations.

b. To NATO, as Deployable Land Headquarters for Forces at Lower Readiness -FLR (L) HQ, named NATO Deployable Corps (NDC) - GR HQ.

The headquarters is in Thessaloniki and the formation will be able to operate throughout the entire mission spectrum, ranging from peace support operations up to high intensity combat operations in any environment.

(NDC) - GR HQ includes contingents from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

Islands and Interior Command

5 Infantry Division (Crete)
79 National Guard Command (Samos)
80 National Guard Command (Kos)
88 Military Command (Myrimma)
95 National Guard Command (Rhodes)
96 National Guard Command (Chios)
98 National Guard Command (Lesbos)


Future plans: The Greek Army continues to be involved in an extensive reorganisation programme. By 2015 a new brigade structure should be in place (The Strike Brigade) which will consist of six core battalions (4 x manoeuvre, 1 x artillery, 1 x combat support and various company sized elements such as engineers, communications and recce.





Main Battle Tanks 900 x Leopard (including some 180 x 2A4; 170 2A6 and about 500 1A5/GR)
  400 x M-60 (estimate with many in store)
  600 x M-48 (majority in store)
Reconnaissance (Recce) About 200 x VBL  (Wheeled)
Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) 370 x BMP-1 (tracked majority probably in store)

Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

400 x Leonidas Mk1/Mk2 (Tracked)

  1,500 M-113 types (Tracked)
  200 x M-577 (tracked ACV)
Self Propelled Artillery (SP Arty) 300 x 155 mm M-109 (various types our estimate)
  36 x PzH 2000
  110 x M-110A2 (some in store)
Towed Artillery 200 x 105 mm M-101 (majority probably in store)
  12 x Mod-56 Pack How
  120 x 155 mm M-114 (majority probably in store)
Multiple Rocket Launchers (MRL) 115 x 122 mm RM-70 Dana
  36 x 227 mm MLRS
Mortars (Mor) 2,000 x 81 mm (estimate)
  400 x 120 mm (estimate)
  250 x 107 mm M-30 SP on M-106 (M-113 type)
Anti-Tank (Atk) 300 x Milan 1/2 ATGW (some SP)
  200 x AT-4 ATGW (some SP)
  196 x AT-14 (ATGW)
  About 350 x TOW ATGW (some 320 SP on M-901)
  About 2,000 x 84 mm Carl Gustav
  About 1,300 x 106 mm M-40
Low Level Air Defence (LLAD) 31 x SA-15 SAM
  38 x SA-8B SAM
  42 x I-HAWK
  About 1,000 x Stinger SAM
  About 500 x ZSU-23-2 AAA
  About 250 x 20 mm RH-202 AAA
Helicopters (Hel) 20 x AH-64A Apache (Attack - to be upgraded to D standard)
  12 x AH-64D (Attack - deliveries continue)
  8 x CH-47D Chinook (Transport 7 more on order)

90 x UH-1H Iroquois (Utility)


30 x AB-205A (Utility)


12 x AB-206 (Utility)

Fixed Wing

38 x U-17A Skywagon (liaison)


3 x C-12 Huron

Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV)

12 x Sperwer





Navy Strength: approximately 16,000 including about 3,000 conscripts (plus about 6,000 reserves)

Principal Units


8 x Tactical Submarines
17 x Frigates and Corvettes
11 x Mine Warfare Vessels


The Major Naval Bases are at Patras, Salamis and Souda Bay in Crete




Outline Hellenic Navy Structure


Fleet Headquarters Outline Structure

Hellenic Fleet Headquarters Outline Structure

Naval operations is assisted by inputs from 353 Maritime Patrol Squadron (Air Force P-3B Orion aircraft).





Submarines 8 x German Type 209 (Glavkos Class)
  3 x German Type 214 (Poseidon Class under construction)
Frigates (FF) 4 x MEKO 200HN (Hydra)
  10 x Kortenaer (Elli)
Corvettes (FS) 3 x Thetis (Niki)
Fast Attack Craft (FAC) 15 x La Combattante (Types II, IIA, III and IIIB)
  4 x Hesperos (Jaguar)
  7 x Super Vita
  4 x Andromeda
  2 x Stamou
Patrol Craft (PC) 2 x Armatolos (offshore)
  2 x Machitis (offshore)
  2 x Pyrpolotis (offshore)
Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMV) 4 x Mine Hunters
  8 x Mine Sweepers
Miscellaneous 60 x Amphibious warfare vessels
  10 x Fleet support vessels (tankers, logistic etc)
Naval Aviation 6 x PC-3B Orion (maritime reconnaissance)
  2 x AB-212 EW (hel)
  8 x AB212 ASW (hel)
  11 x S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk (attack hel)
Missiles Penguin ASM
  MM-40 Exocet ASSM




Air Force Strength: approximately 30,000 including about 10,000 conscripts (plus about 20,000 reserves)


Hellenic Air Force Outline Structure

(1) Air Training Command) is responsible for air and ground training.
(2) Air Support Command is responsible for transport and anti-submarine warfare operations.

Tactical Air Command Outline Structure

Hellenic Air Force Tactical Air Command Outline Structure

(1) PM Stands for Fighter Wing. These 7 x Wings are composed of 16 x squadrons plus some operational conversion units,
(2) The Independent Combat Groups are mainly located on islands (Limnos; Aktion; Agrinion; Kastellion; Santorini and Skiros) and in the main host detachments from Tactical Air Command or transport aircraft from Air Support Command.
(3) Aircraft from HQ Tactical Air Command operate under NATO direction through the NATO CAOC (Combined Air Operations Centre) at Larissa.




Fighter (Ftr) 25 x Mirage 2000-5 Mk2
Reconnaissance (Recce) 24 x F-4E Phantom II
Fighter Ground Attack (FGA) 24 x Mirage M-2000E
  150 x F-16C/D Fighting Falcon
  30 x F-4E Phantom II
  40 x A-7H Corsair II
Airborne Early Warning (AEW) 4 x EMB-145H Erieye
Transport (Tpt) 15 x C-130B/H Hercules
  9 x Dornier 28
  6 x Gulfstream
  12 x C-27J Spartan
Training (Trg) 10 x T-2C Buckeye
  30 x T-2E Buckeye
  20 x T-41D Mescalero
  40 x T-6A/B Texan
Helicopters (Hel) 10 x AS-332 Super Puma (transport)
  4 x AB-212 (utility)
  13 x AB-205 (utility)
  3 x Agusta A109 (Casevac)
  7 x Bell 47G (training)
Air Launched Missiles (ALM) AGM-88 Harm ARM
  Sidewinder AAM
  Super R 530 AAM
  Maverick ASM
  Scalp ASM
  AM-40 Exocet ASSM
Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) 9 x Crotale SAM
  36 x Patriot SAM launchers
  5 x SA-15 SAM
  36 x MIM-14 Nike Hercules
  12 x SA-300 Grumble launchers (stationed in Crete)
  Some 35 mm guns


(over platoon strength 30 personnel. These are approximate figures)


NATO (ISAF) Afghanistan        


NATO (KFOR) Kosovo  


EUFOR Bosnia  


UNIFIL Lebanon


Cyprus 1,100 (includes army detachment and personnel seconded to the Greek Cypriot National Guard)