Defence budget 2010
GDP 2009
Land area
Life expectancy
Population growth rate
5.2 million
Euros 2.7 billion (US$3.2 billion)
Euros 173 billion (US$211 billion)
304,600 sq kms (17,114 sq miles)
Helsinki (Population 1.16 million)
78 years
0.3 per cent
Total Armed Forces  
Air Force
Frontier Guard

16,000 (including about 11,000 conscripts)
3,800 (including about 1,800 conscripts)
2,750 (including about 750 conscripts)

Following mobilisation there would be approximately 100,000 reserves for the field army and some 200,000 local and territorial reserve personnel for other units.

Conscripts serve for between 6 to 12 months and about 35,000 reservists complete reserve training for about one month a year (more for some specialists and officers). The reserve obligation ceases at age 60 for officers and an aged 50 for others.

EU Battlegroups: Finland is a participant in 2 x EU Battlegroups and is a member of th Nordic Battlegroup (with Sweden, Estoia, Ireland and Norway) and Battlegroup 107 (with Germany and the Netherlands).



Contact Details



Ministry of Defence
Eteläinen Makasiinikatu 8
PO Box 31
FIN-00131 Helsinki

Tel.: +358 9 16001
Fax: +358 9 653 254



Army Strength: approximately 16,000 professionals and 11,000 conscripts

Outline Army Structure

From 2010 the core elements of the standing force will consist of the following:

1 x Special Forces Battalion (Erikoisjääkäripataljoona)
2 x Mechanised Battle Groups
3 x High Readiness (Jaeger) Brigades
5 x Regional Combat Groups
1 x Helicopter Battalion

A Rapid Reaction Group will be drawn from the units above.

Support Troops include:
1 x Communications Battalion
2 x Air Defence Battalions
1 x Combat Support Group
1 x Logistics Support Group

With the exception of the rapid reaction group, the majority of the above units require reservists personnel to enable them to reach their full deployment strength.

Following mobilisation the following formations and units could be available:

9 x Jaeger Brigades
2 x Armoured Brigades
6 x Infantry Brigades (Type 80)
1 x Artillery Brigade
16 x Engineer Battalions
3-4 Air Defence Battalions

In total some 100+ x infantry battalions and independent companies might be available following mobilisation.

Army Commands

Military Operations are controlled by Army Headquarters in Helsinki through 3 x major commands as follows:

Finnish Army Commands

As part of a planned restructuring process military provinces are being established as follows:

  • Eastern Military Province Headquarters in Kouvola

  • Savo-Karelia Military Province Headquarters in Kuopio

  • Northern Military Province Headquarters in Oulu

  • Lapland Military Province Headquarters in Rovaniemi

  • Western Military Province Headquarters in Hameenlinna

  • Ostrobothnia Military Province Headquarters in Vaasa

  • Southern Military Province Headquarters in Helsinki

HIGH READINESS (Jager) Brigade Outline Organisation

High Readiness (Jager) Brigade Outline Organisation

LLAD - Low Level Air Defence
ATGW - Anti-Tank Guided Weapon




Main Battle Tanks 90 x Leopard 2A4 (probably 100 in store)
  400 x T-72 (in store)
Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle 150 x CV9030 (deliveries continue)
  100 x BMP-2 (probably 200 in store)

Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

250 x XA-180 and XA-185 (wheeled)

  100 x XA-200 series (wheeled)
  100 x MTLB types (tracked - possible 200 in store)
Self Propelled Artillery (SP Arty) 70 x 122 mm PsH 74 (Soviet 2S1)
  20 x 152 mm 2S5
Towed Artillery Approx 650 all types available: Mainly 122 mm H-63 (D-30); some 152 mm H-55 (D-20); 105 mm H-61; 152 mm H88-38; 152 mm H88-40; 130 mm K 89;
Multiple Rocket Launchers 30 x 122 mm H-89 (Soviet RM-70)
  22 x 227 mm MLRS (from Netherlands)
Mortars (Mor) Approx 600 x 120 mm KRH 92 and 1,500 x 82 mm
Anti-Tank (Atk) 30 x AT-5 (ATGW) (estimate)
  20 x AT-4 (ATGW) (estimate)
  12 x TOW 2 (ATGW) (estimate)
  80 x Spike (ATGW) (estimate)
Army Aviation (Helicopters) 10 x NH90TTT (12 more on order)
  4 x Mi-8P/8T Hip
  12 x MD500D/E
  18 x Attack Helicopters planned
Low Level Air Defence (AD) Some 100 - 150 x LLAD Guns in service
  20 x Crotale NG (SAM-90) (estimate)
  15 x RBS ASRAD (SAM-05) (estimate)
  90 x SA-11 (SAM 96 - being replaced) (estimate)
  100 x SA-16/18 (SAM) (estimate)
  100 x RBS 70 (SAM) (estimate)




Navy Strength: approximately 3,800 professionals and 1,800 conscripts. In general conscripts serve for between 6 to 12 months.

Principal Units:

8 x Fast Patrol Craft
18 x Mine Warfare Vessels

Outline Navy Structure

Finnish Navy Outline Structure

(1) Naval Headquarters is currently moving from Helsinki to Turku.
(2) The Usimiaa Brigade which is composed of Coastal Jaegers (marines). This Brigade is equipped with Euro-Spike (SSM) and truck mounted RBS-15 Mk3 (SSM).

The major effective units of the Finnish Fleet are the missile and minewarfare squadrons. These major units are deployed with the Archipelago and Gulf of Finland Naval Commands. Both of these Naval Commands include some environmental protection vessels that are under the ownership of the Finnish Ministry of Interior.




Fast Patrol Craft (PFM) 4 x Rauma Class
  4 x Hamina Class
Patrol Craft (PC) 2 x Kiiska Class
Mine Sweeper Inshore (MSI) 6 x Kuha Class
  7 x Kiiski Class
Minelayers (ML) 2 x Hameenmaa Class (150 mines)
  3 x Pansio Class (50 mines)
  1 x Pohjanmaa Class (150 mines)
Landing Craft Utility (LCU) 3 x Kala Class
  3 x Kampella Class
Icebreakers (AGB) 9 x various
Miscellaneous 1 x Command Vessel
  9 x Survey Vessels
  15 x Light Stores Vessels
  1 x Ocean Research Vessel
  2 x Transport Vessels

Note: Under Project 2010 the Navy will receive three mine countermeasures vessels (MCMV) which should be in service by 2012. Vessels are being built by Intermarine (Italy) at a cost of Euros 244 million (US$326 million).




Air Force Strength: approximately 2,750 (including about 750 conscripts)

Outline Air Force Structure

Finnish Air Force Structure

Note: There are three fighter wings – one in each Air Command/Air Defence Area.

Northern Air Command

2 x Air Defence Flights with F-18C/D (11 Squadron)
1 x Training Flight with Hawk Mk51/51A
1 x Communications/Transport Flight with PA-28; Redigo; Vinka and PA-31

Eastern Air Command

2 x Air Defence Flights with F-18C/D (31 Squadron)
1 x Training Flight with Hawk Mk51/51A
1 x Communications/Transport Flight with PA-28; Redigo; Vinka and PA-31

Western Air Command

2 x Air Defence Flights with F-18C/D (21 Squadron)
1 x Training Flight with Hawk Mk51/51A
1 x Communications/Transport Flight with PA-28; Redigo; Vinka and PA-31

Air Force Training Squadron

1 x Training Flight with L-70 (41 Squadron)
1 x Training Flight with Hawk Mk51/51A
1 x Training Flight with Hawk Mk51; Redigo; L-70 and PA-28
1 x Simulation Flight

Air Force Headquarters

1 x ASW/Maritime Surveillance Flight with F-27 and Learjet 35A
1 x Communications/Transport Flight with PA-28; Redigo; Vinka and PA-31
1 x Electronic Warfare Flight




Fighter Ground Attack (FGA) 56 x F/A-18C Hornet
  7 x F/A-18D Hornet
Maritime Surveillance/Reconnaissance (MR) 1 x F-27-100 Maritime Enforcer
Transport/Liaison (TPT) 3 x Learjet 35
  2 x Casa C-295
  6 x PA-31-350
Training (TRG) 48 x Hawk Mk50/51A (Attack Trainer)
  18 x Hawk Mk 66 (Attack Trainer)
  28 x L-70 Vinka
  9 x Redigo
Air to Air Missiles (AAM) AMRAAM AIM-120
  Sidewinder AIM-9
The Border Guard operates 3 x AS 332L Super Puma, 3 x Augusta AB 412EP and 4 x AB 206/A/B Jet Ranger helicopters.

(over platoon strength – 30 personnel. These are approximate figures)

NATO (ISAF) Afghanistan     165
NATO (KFOR) Kosovo 400