Defence budget 2010
GDP 2009
Land area
Life expectancy
Population growth rate
10.2 million
Euros 1.91 billion (US$2.3 billion)
Euros 172 billion (US$210 billion)
62,100 sq kms (23,885 sq miles)
Prague (Population 1.1 million)
75 years
0.0 per cent
Total Armed Forces  
Land Forces
Air Force
MoD Central Staff

12,500 (including about 1,000 civilians)
Landlocked country no naval forces
5,000 (including about 750 civilians)
6,000 (being reduced)

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Ministry of Defence
Delostrelecka 11
160 02 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Since 2005 the Czech Armed Forces (ACR) have been engaged in a major transformation effort that should be complete by 2012. This transformation effort will ensure that the ACR is able to meet its NATO and EU commitments, especially the inclusion of Czech force elements in the EUs tri-national German, Austrian and Czech Battlegroup.



Land Forces Strength: approximately 12,500 (including about 1,000 civilians)

Major formations include:

1 x Rapid Deployment Brigade
1 x Mechanised Brigade
1 x Artillery Brigade
1 x Engineer Brigade
1 x Logistic Support Brigade
1 x NBC Protection Brigade
1 x Special Forces Brigade

Outline CZECH LAND FORCES Structure

Czech Republic Army Outline Structure

(1) 4 Rapid Deployment Brigade has 2 x Mechanised Battalions and 1 x Airborne Battalion and 1 x Light Infantry Battalion plus combat support and logistic support units
(2) 7 Mechanised Brigade has 2 x Mechanised Battalions, 1 x Light Infantry Battalion and 1 x Tank Battalion plus combat support and logistic support units
(3)  13 Artillery Brigade has 2 x Combined Artillery Battalions
(4) 15 Engineer Brigade, 14 Logistic Support Brigade, 31 NBC Protection Brigade, 101 Signal Battalion, 103 Psyops Battalion and 104 Support Battalion are all Joint Force Support Units available for support to both land and air forces.

Reserves: The Active Reserve of the ACR consists of approximately 2,000 personnel on three year contracts who are formed into a number of company groups. The major reserve element consists of 14 x Infantry Companies, each with five platoons: 3 x rifle platoons; 1 x command and combat support platoon and 1 x logistic support platoon.




Main Battle Tanks (MBT)

150 x T-72M4CZ (majority in store)

Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles (AIFV) 200 x BMP-1 (Tracked)
  150 x BMP-2 (Tracked)
  100 x BPzV (Tracked)

Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

100 x OT-90 (Tracked) (possibly 30 in service)

  18 x OT-64 (Wheeled)
  12 x Dingo 2 (Wheeled)
  19 x Panther (Wheeled)
  234 x Pandur 2 (Wheeled) on order
Self Propelled Artillery (SP ARTY) 48 x 152 mm M-77 Dana (about 150 in store)
Towed Artillery 120 x 122 mm D-30 (majority in store)
Multiple Rocket Launchers (MRL) 16 x 122 mm M-70 (about 40 in store)
Mortars (Mor) 80 x 120 mm (estimate)
Anti-Tank (Atk) 20 x AT-5 on BRDM-2
  150 x AT-4 (Manpack)
  Some AT-3 remain in service




Air Force Strength: 5,000 (including about 750 civilians)

Outline Air Force Structure
Czech Republic Air Force Outline Structure

(1) The Air Maintenance Centre is at Ceskeioyice Budeioy
(2) 26 CCS is an airspace command, control and surveillance formation
(3) Joint Force Support Formations such as 15 Engineer Brigade, 14 Logistic Support Brigade, 31 NBC Protection Brigade, 101 Signal Battalion, 103 Psyops Group and 104 Support Battalion are all available to provide support for air operations

Units and aircraft are as follows:

21 Tactical Air Base (Caslav)

211 Squadron - JAS Grippen
212 Squadron - L-159A

22 Airbase (Nad Oslavou)

221 Squadron - L-39
222 Squadron - L-39

23 Helicopter Base (Prerov)

231 Squadron - Mi-24
232 Squadron - Mi-17
233 Squadron - W-3A

24 Transport Base (Kbely)

241 Squadron - An-26, L.410, Yak-40, TU-154, CL-601
242 Squadron - Mi-8, Mi-17, W-3A

Air Training Centre (Pardubice)

L-39C, L-410Mi-2, Z-142




Fighter Ground Attack (FGA)

12 x JAS 39C Grippen


2 x JAS-39D Grippen

  10 x L-159 Albatross (about 50 more available for sale)
Transport (TPT) 4 x An-26
  1 x CL-601 (VIP)
  8 x L-410 Turbolet
  2 x Airbus A-319
  4 x C-295M

Training (Trg)

8 x Z-142C

  25 x L-159 (some in store)
  2 x L410
  1 x EW-97
Helicopters (Hel) 8 x Mi-24 Hind (Attack - some in store)
  10 x Mi-35 (Attack)
  10 x  W-3A (Support)
  25 x Mi-17 (Support)
Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) 8 x Sojka
Air launched missiles (ALM) AIM-9 Sidewinder, AMRAAM
Air Defence 16 x RBS-70, SA-6 SAM, SA-8 SAM, SA-13 SAM

(over platoon strength 30 personnel. These are approximate figures)

NATO (ISAF) Afghanistan   600
NATO (KFOR) Kosovo   400